Dynamics of His Divine Presence

(Second Service)

Topic: Dynamics of His Divine Presence
Text: Exodus 24:27-34
The essence of the fasting is for us to pray. The presence of God was so important to Moses and that made him a solution provider. As believers, we should carry the presence of God.
The three Hebrew boys were not affected by the fire because of God’s presence. Even Daniel was confident of this as he went into the lions’ den as shown in Dan 3.
The prophecy for RCCG this year is from our bible reading for today Ps 91: 1 – 16. Also, Ps 16:11 talked about the presence of God.

“Thou will show me the path of life: in thy presence is the fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore”

God gave an assurance of His presence in Isa 43: 1 -3;
I pray for someone here, “As you go through the fire and through the water, the presence of God will go with you.”

Whether you like it or not, you will go through fire but as you go through them they will not carry you away and hurt you. The fact that the Bible says “when” shows there is a certainty but “if” implies there’s an opportunity of it happening.
There were plagues in Egypt but nothing in Goshen despite them all being in the same place.

“I pray for you that this year, God will create a Goshen for you” 1 Sam 17: 45-51

Moses parted the Red sea because of the presence of God. You will cross through your Red sea in the name of Jesus name Psalm105:7. As you go out, God’s word for you is “touch not my anointed”
“I pray for you Every Goliath coming against you, God will cut off their head in Jesus name”
There will be trials and temptations but in the midst of them all you must not loose the presence of God. Judges 16:20. May the presence of God not depart from you. Amen

Lessons from the life of Samson
– First, God’s presence left him
– Secondly, he did not know that the presence of God had left him.
God will open your eyes to know if the presence of God has left you and grant you grace to recover back His presence.

Powers that flows from His Divine presence
– Inspiration. This flows from Gods presence just as in the case of Jacob in Genesis chapter 31.
– Restoration: Opportunities lost can be regained.
– Consistent victories: This year in every battles of life you will win. Gal 6:17
– Fullness of joy
– The glory of his presence: Moses was carrying the glory of God’s presence.

– Father, give me revelation that will take me to my next level in the name of Jesus.
– Father, by your presence let me be a solution provider in Jesus name
– Father, show me the solution to the problems of my generation

This year, everywhere you go by divine presence doors will open on their own accord for you in the name of Jesus name Amen.

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