From the text, Jesus Christ was talking about the young adult called John the Baptist and he called him the greatest of those born in the Old Testament but He added a fact that those of us in the New Testament are greater than him. And he told us the secrets of breaking limits that from the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffered violence and the violent takes it by force. John the Baptist received grace to be great.
The purpose of God for your lives is to be great. God wants you to be great in every sphere of life. In Gen. 1 vs. 28. The Lord God said you are to be blessed, fruitful, multiply, expand and have dominion. This is the promise of God for you but at times you will discover that either you or your enemies will try to limit your greatness and breakthrough.
You could be the one limiting yourself. This elucidated in 2 King 13:14-19. Elisha was sick and about to die and a king came unto him and ask him what to do for his future to be bright. And Elisha told him to take an arrow and smite the ground but he struck the ground three (3) times and stopped. And Elisha was very upset and said he should have smitten at least five times and his victory would have been settled but because he smite only three times, he will conquer his enemies thrice. Hence, the king limited his greatness.
Whatever is in your life that will limit your greatness GOD will deal with it today.
Factors that Limits Greatness
 Sickness/Disease. Luke 13 vs. 11. The spirit of infirmities could not allow her to fulfill her purpose. The Bile said this woman was bent over and no matter how much she tried, she could not lift up her head, the spirit of infirmity limited her and bent her down.
 In Mark 2 vs.1-12. Tells us about a sick man whose friends were eager and hell bent to help him receive his healing. They got their victory through violet faith.
 Evil Schemes. Another form of limitation can come from any evil schemes. Act 16 vs. 22-24. Matt 15 vs.21-28. Mark 5 vs. 2-20.
 Enemies Action. Act 16:22-24. This account tells us of Paul and Silas who went about preaching the gospel but the enemies attempted to limit them by putting them into the prison but at midnight the sang praises to od and prayed violently and there was earthquake and the prison door was forced opened. In Mathew 15:21-28, the Bible tells about a woman who came to Jesus begging that her daughter be healed of spirit, she prayed so violently that she got the attention of Jesus Christ and ‘Jesus said to her woman great is thy faith’ and her daughter got her healing. In Mark 5:2-20, the Bible tells us of a woman who so loaded with demons that he was living in graveyards, he couldn’t prayed but he knew there is someone who could break the limit of his destiny and he feel at the feet of Jesus Christ and Jesus healed him and he became a great evangelist.
Testimony of the mad man that got his healing stepping on the Redemption Camp ground
 Poverty – Poverty is a destroyer Proverbs 10:15, 22:7. A poor person is limited from making it to the top. Hence, poverty is limits a person greatness. But the limit of poverty can be broken by prayer, faith and violent action (2 Kings 4:1-7, I king 17:8-16).
 Curse. When a man is cursed it becomes very difficult for him to achieve his goal or destiny. Curses usually summon all forces to oppose a man from reaching his goal (Deut. 28:14-30). When a person is curse the heaven above him will be brass the earth will be iron, and the rain will be powder. But any curses can be broken by violent faith, prayer and action. This is validated in the life of the man called Levi in Gen. 49:1-7. He did some terrible things while he was young and his father pronounced a curse on him that he will be scattered in Israel. But in Number 3:5-12, the Almighty God said He want him to come near and he will make him his first born. In Exodus 32:25-26, the children of God had gone into idolatry and God wanted to punish them, Moses asked who is on the Lord side and Levites responded that they want to be on the Lord side.
Requisite for Breaking Spirit of Limitation
1. Violent faith
2. Violent action Mk 5:25-34 the woman with the issue of blood took a violent action to get her victory.
3. Violent prayer Mk 10:46-52 tells us about the violent prayer of blind Bartholomew
4. Violent Offering. 2 kings 4 vs. 1-4. 1 kings 17 vs. 8-16. Testimony of divine provision for the camp through violent offering.
To everyone under a curse, God is saying come to him today the one is the limit breaker.
 Lord, I am on your side
 Father, blow away every limitation in my life today
 Father, by your word, erase every word limitation in my life
 My father, you are a God of mercy everything in the past of my neighbor, have mercy and remove it today
 My father, my father, in this month of July, nothing will limit me

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