Self-Confidence or Self-Worth

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Topic: Self-Confidence or Self-Worth.
Text: Judges 11:1-11.
Introduction: Every creation of GOD is not a mistake or useless but was created to fulfill destiny. Ephesians 2:10. It doesn’t matter how men treat you, you must know you are ordained for a purpose. Where you are born and how you are born has nothing to do with you are.

Action Point
– You must know that GOD created your for his purpose, so don’t let people to short change you of your destiny. Lam3:37
– Discover who you are.
– Know where you are going because when you don’t know where you are going, everywhere will look like your destination.
– Never compare yourself with others. 1 cor10:2. You are created as a unique individual and not a photocopy.

Steps to Self-Worth.
– Place a value on yourself: the price of a thing determines the value you place on it. Don’t sell yourself cheap else people will treat you as such.
– The seller of the product is who determines the value of the product. Let no one determine the price tag of your destiny.
– What value are you placing for your life?
– It is good to keep working in your office. But make sure that you must fulfill your purpose.
– Discover your purpose, self- worth

– Don’t sell your destiny, build your Self-worth.
The story of Sylvester Stallione an American actor who wrote a story titled “Rookie 1,2,3&4”. He searched for a film producer to buy his story and also act a role in the story, he was turned down by many, but he knew his self-worth and persevere until someone bought his story and accepted him to play a lead role. And till today he’s one of the best American actor in history and still being celebrated.

Lesson to learn
Do not devalue yourself, prove to the world that you are unique, priceless and of great value.

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